Pumps for Continuous, Precise Transferring of Minute Amounts in Lab Settings

  • Direct-Driven Type
  • Precision
  • Trace Amount Supply


  • Features


  • Pumping performance and reliability that exceeds conventional laboratory pump expectations
  • Excellent quantitative performance and responsiveness
  • Ability to maintain pumping accuracy over long periods of time
  • Continuous, constant flow with no pulsation
  • No liquid leakage or changes in properties
  • Not damaged by abnormal pressure or dry running
  • Simple transition to more powerful models
  • Simple, user-oriented design
  • Easy configuration of flow rate settings and calibration
  • Simple disassembly and assembly
  • Simple liquid switching
  • Easy to carry
  • Capable of handling a wide variety of chemicals
  • Also supports autoclave sterilization
  • Auto-stop operation (Compatible models: Q)
  • Operation relative to pulse input (Compatible models: QI)
  • Operation relative to analog input (Compatible models: QI)
  • Interval operation (Compatible models: QT)
  • Gradient operation (Compatible model: QT)
  • Signal output function (Compatible model: QI, QT)