APL Direct-Driven Smoothflow Pump

Ideal for metered transfer of difficult-to-transfer chemicals and fluids, such as UV curing resin, urethane resin, and slurries

  • Direct-Driven Type
  • Medium Capacity


  • Features


  • Employed the Single-Cam, Single-Head, Dual-Diaphragm Mechanism
  • The High-Precision, Constant-Speed Cam Delivers Stable Flow at a Constant Rate
  • Double Diaphragm Structure to Prevent Fluid Leakage
  • Stable Transfer of "Difficult" Fluids
  • Resistant to Abrasion
  • No Pump Seizure Even When Dry-Running
  • Only Two Common Wrenches Are Needed - Simple to Disassemble and Reassemble
  • Fewer Consumable Components Mean Lower Running Cost
  • Good for Transferring Both Large and Small Quantities
  • A Unit-Type Model Is Also Available for Easy Relocation, Installation, and Handling.

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