Company Profile


Over 20 years of partnering our customer for success. Pumpco has delivered many pumping equipment and solutions to our valued customers; achieving tremendous savings in terms of initial investment, reduction in downtime, energy conservation, etc. Our products and services has been serving a wide range of customers in the industries and utilities section.

In Singapore, Pumpco was established in 1996, and has grown over the years serving the local and regional markets. Our engineers possess extensive experience and capabilities across our business portfolio.

Our References (Oil & gas)


2004 Petro Vietnam Petro Vietnam Drilling mud transfer for Pvdrilling I
2005 ExxonMobil ExxonMobil Lube oil transfer
2006 COOEC CNOOC Reject oil transfer pump
2005 Keppel Fels Shipyard Odejfells Drilling Submersible seawater lift pump/JU rig
2005 Modec Int’l LLC Hess Oil Submersible/Ballast/Firefighting/ TLP
2005 Keppel Fels Shipyard Gulf Drilling Intl’ Topside Centrifugal pump/JU rig
2005 Keppel Fels Shipyard Awilco Raw seawater Tower pumps/ JU rig
2005 Keppel Fels Shipyard Odejfells Drilling Submersible/ JU rig
2005 Keppel Fels Shipyard Maersk Resilient Raw Seawater Centrifugal pump
2005 Saipem S.A ESSO Submersible pump/FPSO
2006 Lamprell Shipyard Dubai Submersible pump/ JU rig
2006 Daliam Shipyard ONGC Raw Seawater Tower Pumps/ JU rig
2006 AMFELS Shipyard Seadrill Raw Seawater Tower Pumps/ JU rig
2006 Jurong Shipyard Petrojack Raw Seawater Tower Pumps/ JU rig
2007 Keppel Fels Shipyard Gold Star Open/close drain pump
2007 Transocean Transocean Seajet system and raw water tower pump/shelf explorer
2007 Frontier Drilling Bilge pump, Ballast Pump, Main Fire Pump, Auxiliary SW cooling pump
2007 Prosafe Prosafe SW lift pump, feed make-up pump, SW cooling booster pump, Drain transfer pump
2009 J Ray McDermott Esso Kipper Tuna Gas Caisson Flooding pumps/ Platform